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Arts and Sciences | 2004

“Implementation and Adaptation of Web Audio Lab to three language courses”

Richard Feldman and Slava Paperno


Because of the success of the prior project (see 2003 project: Web Audio Lab), other instructors teaching foreign languages at Cornell wanted to use the tools that we had developed for use in Russian Language instruction.

The Web Audio Lab tool was expanded to accommodate content and features to respond to the needs of other language courses: Spanish, Korean, French, Italian, and Japanese. The Web Audio Lab supports each of these courses in slightly different ways; the tool is not limited to a specific pedagogy. The Web Audio Recorder was also developed during this project. This tool allows students to record their homework via their computer and upload to their own assignment space. Because of the flexibility of these tools, it is highly likely that this could be used by courses in other fields, such as music, or at other institutions that have audio lab needs. Currently 38 courses at Cornell use WAL in 12 languages.


  • custom CD and web-based tools
  • Web Audio Lab
  • Web Audio Recorder
  • Macromedia Director MX
  • Zope


Cornell Chronicle: Web Audio Lab overhauls foreign-language instruction

Steele, Bill. 2007. Web Audio Lab overhauls foreign-language instruction. The Cornell Chronicle, October 24.


Web Audio Lab

Feldman, Dick. 2005. "Web Audio Lab: a Hybrid Web/CD/ftp Audio Recorder with Teacher Review." Presentation at the Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium (CALICO).

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